Today was a special day, I had the opportunity to take out Kyle and Tony Patterson from Maryland. They were down on vacation and it was Kyle’s graduation gift from his dad to go Peacock bass fishing. Kyle a great young man and one heck of a fisherman, now a big part of the future safety of our country as he is off to join the Army.
Kyle got off to a slow start with Tony putting the first couple of fish in the boat. The bite was really weird today in the morning, although I think it just took Kyle a little longer to adjust to the style of fishing we have here in South Florida.

After a few moves we came across several spots I would call, “honey holes” where Kyle proceeded to boat at least 10 fish in a row in one location. After a few moves and lure adjustments the pattern for the day became a lot more obvious for all of us.

The next couple of moves really seem to make the difference as we boated 48 peacock bass today in a 6 hour “super half-day“, unbelievable!

I really wanted this to work out for Kyle today, as the fish gods generally do they found away of pulling us on the Peacock bass once again today!

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Good fishing,
Capt Todd Kersey
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Florida Peacock Bass
Florida Peacock Bass