Today I had out return customer Will Iovenko and his girlfriend from, Louisville, KY. Last time down to South Florida, Will fished in the Florida Everglades, this time he decided to give a shot at the hard fighting Florida Peacock Bass.

Will and his girlfriend met at the tackle shop where I transported them down to Miami, where the majority of the Peacock bass were stocked and generally bite the best. On the way down the both of them have a million questions about the South Florida species, and I was happy to accommodate them and bring them up to speed on the progress of the peacock bass in Florida.

After a few location changes, we seem to locate a group of peacock bass feeding. The funny thing about a Peacock bass is, it really has a mind of it’s own. No, really…I have never seen a fish be so off and on, but man when they turn on it’s like words can not explain it.

It was great to have Will back with us and to have his girlfriend on board was nice surprise.

If you are in the South Florida area and would like to get out for some Peacock bass fishing. Give me a call, let’s “hook” up!

You can read more about my Everglades fishing trips by visiting out Everglades blog!

Good fishing,

Capt Tim Nochols
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