Richard and Jay from Orlando are my number one Snakehead Anglers.

Florida snakehead is the most recent addition to Florida’s list of reproducing exotic fishes, scientists report. “However, it’s far too early to know or even speculate on what effects the presence of this snakehead will have on our fisherys, but in the mean it is a great sport fish to have fun with. Snakeheads are extremely aggressive and ones in Florida species got to Florida by a illegal introduction of exotics in the first place, it is really the only viable tactic along with educating anglers, aquarists, and others about the illegality of dumping and/or transferring exotic fish from one water body to another. Snakeheads are in fresh water and are contained in Florida’s numerous lakes, streams, rivers, canals, and impoundments.

Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
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