We had a great 1/2 day of bass fishing with Capt. Dave Lauer on Thursday 6.19 — thanks for your help setting it up.  My 10-year old son Greg caught several nice peacock bass, a couple of exotic fresh water fish, a large mouth bass that weighed approximately 3 pounds (see picture), and a clown knife fish that weighed roughly 10 pounds (see pictures)!! Greg caught these two himself — no help from Capt. Dave!!  See Greg’s write-up below.

It was a great day of fishing — we will definitely schedule another trip with Capt. Dave soon — he was a real professional that made the day both fun and educational for us.

Best Regards,
Bob Weinrich

Catching all those fish with Capt. Dave was one of the most fun days of my life!!  It was a unique experience to go fishing on a real bass boat and fish all morning. It couldn’t have been any more fun!!

Greg Weinrich

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