Hydrilla spraying is planned for portions of all four lakes on the Kissimmee Chain, beginning Tuesday.

Lakes Toho, Hatchineha and Cypress are being sprayed this week, while Toho will have more ongoing treatments in late November and during December.

Spray treatments are planned for Lake Kissimmee over 867 acres Dec. 4-6.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Invasive Plant Management Section is overseeing the treatments with Aquathol K.

Cypress (385 acres) and Hatchineha (301 acres) will be sprayed Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Toho, 3,015 acres will be targeted Tuesday through Thursday, and again Nov. 27-29, Dec. 4-5 and Dec. 18-19.

Reports indicate that 50 percent of Toho has hydrilla on the surface.

Lake Jackson is also being sprayed Dec. 4-6 (500 acres).

Spraying this week could impact duck hunting plans for opening day of the first phase on Saturday.

The FWC did not outline the specific areas it will spray.

For information, call Ed Harris at 407-858-6170.