This is Captain Doug Jansen reporting April 22nd from Lake Ida in Palm Beach County.

Today was a group trip, we went out in 2 boats…myself and Captain Bob Miley. The title that summarized this trip was Help! I have fallen and I cannot get up. The person who booked the trip was Merrill Eastman, he brought three of his buddies.  One of them wanted to set the hook on a fish, fell from his seat and ended up on the bottom of the boat with it…he was holding the fish very proud of his catch! As far as the other boat, Captain Bob ended up getting wet when he was trying to retrieve he fell out of the boat…good thing he was alright! We caught some fish today, around 25 bass…75% were peacock and the biggest one was 3 pounds. It was a crazy fun trip! They were BassOnline repeat customers, I hope to see them again!

Until then this is Captain Doug sining off…keep your lines tight!