Journey on the Peacock bass Adventure today with Capt Brett

Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson reporting for Bass Online.

This is your daily fish report, today I was out at Lake Ida for short (4) four hour day. With Peter and Nancy,  Nancy is over (85+) eighty five years old. Peter was her son, taking mom out for a day fishing for peacocks which they have never experienced. Out on our journey on the Peacock bass adventure today we caught over (28) twenty-eight peacock in a (4) four hour period all (3)  three and (4) four pounders. Everything we happen to catch today was off of live-bait, but the joy of the whole trip was Peter taking his mother fishing at the age of eighty-five years old. She did an awesome job…”Great job Nancy and you’re welcome on my boat any day!”

Tight lines to everyone out there, Captain Brett!