Captain Doug Jansen reporting from Lake Okeechobee January 15th.

We went out from Lake Okeechobee today; pretty much most of the day was sunny with a front moving in. My guests today were Doug Pugh and his buddy Scott from Alabama. They came down south to spend a couple of days at the lake in sunny Florida. They are trying to stay away from the weather up there and get some fishing in. We went out from Clewiston to be exact,  fish around there for a little bit. We did not have much luck with shiners due to the water conditions. We ended up on the South end of the lake fishing with artificial lure. We caught around 15-20 fish. They thought it was very exciting to watch the bass come up and bust the swim bait on top. They said they will be definitely coming back tomorrow. I’d also like to try some Peacock fishing on the east coast, so hopefully we will get to do that next time. Until next time, keep your lines tight! This is Captain Doug signing off. Thank you.

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