Hi, how is everyone doing? This is Captain Brian Brown here with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report for March 21st, 2015.

Today I was joined by Tim Miller and his daughter Maggie, they are here in Florida looking for school options. This time we went out of Clewiston, south end of the lake.  We had a 4-hour trip this morning. We mainly fished with live-bait, domestic shiners which are a little bit smaller than the wild gold shiners. It was a beautiful day in Okeechobee, the wind was not blowing really bad even though the south end was a little rough today. When we arrived to the main lake, we caught a couple of catfish in our first stop. We decided to move and cast around the Belle Glade area. Once we found an isolated area, we anchored up there. It was slow but steady, we caught 3 fish every 15-20 minutes. Maggie caught a 4 pounder, keeping the shiners fresh really seems to help. Just an absolutely gorgeous day out in the lake.

If you guys are down to have a good time and catch some fish, call Bass Online! Until next time, this is Captain Brian Brown…tight lines!