Lake Ida Delray Beach Fishing

Hello this is Capt Brett Isackson, this is your freshwater fishing report today.

We were over at Lake Ida, we did a (4) four-day which I had a two-day trip with Greg for Peacock bass. The first day we went to Miami, we got chased off the water by rain and lighting. We had (12) twelve peacock bass and one Tarpon in the boat.

Today we went to Lake Ida fished and did a (4) four-hour day before they caught a plane back over to Texas. We did (caught 28) twenty-eight Peacock bass today in (4) four hours up to (3) three pounds. About (5) five or (6) six were caught on top-water on a spook. Working it quick across the top when we saw them schooling up!

This is your freshwater fish report from Captain Brett Isackson