Today Mike Sr & Jr decided to try there luck on world famous Lake Okeechobee. Day 2 brought on heavy winds, which on Okeechobee can be not so good. Lake Okeechobee is dealing with low water, but the fishing has been just short of fabulous. If you take the simple fact that the same number of fish living in half the amount of water…it’s a slug fest when you find them.

Today would be no different, although with the wind change it took us most of the morning to locate this group of bass. Once we did, the boys started putt’in a Louisiana spanking on them bass. Nothing giant in size today, although Dad did have one on late in the day that could have been in the 6 to 7 lb range that lead him all over the boat. Started at the front then headed to the rear of the boat before it went and wrapped around the outboard and got off. All I could say was…next time, maybe next time…

Most of the fish caught today were in the 3 to 4lb class and were caught in shallow water with a slow retrieve. Because of the clear water, extra long cast were really important. We ended the day with just under 30 fish!
Day two for the Juneau family was done, with one day to go as they headed for the Everglades!
If you are interested in experiencing Lake Okeechobee with a fun day of fishing, give me a call.

Tight Lines,
Capt Donny Biggs
(888) 629-BASS