Well, a lot of good thing’s going happening on Lake Okeechobee this past week. Every year the FLW comes to the lake bringing the best fishermen in the world. I am blessed to have fished with these guy’s for a long time, in both the BASS and FLW events.

When fishing is tough on a lake these guys find a way to catch them and open the minds of the local fisherman that sets the trend for the season. Before last week the fishing was tough and it did not take a lot of weight to win any tournament and numbers of fish caught were low. The FLW Pros had a four day practice and the first three days was tough coming out of a cold front, everybody was crying the blues.

But, the water warmed up quickly and on the last day of practice the fish showed up in a lot of places. The sudden change made for a monster of a weight-in, the fishing was great. Most of the fishing were caught using swimbait and frog baits.

This is proof about the migrations of fish in the lake they have about 730 squar miles of lake to hide in. But when it is time to spawn they come to the grassbeds. These last couple of years the water was low and made for a pore spawn. This year the magic is happening there are beds everywhere and the bass are having great success. You can see baby bass everywhere, the fishing this month will be great but you will have to slow down when it is cold. With the cold weather we are still catching some slow worming and on shiners.

Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
From Staff Writer Capt Mark Shepard (marks@bassonline.com)
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