Hi Everyone this Capt. Mark Shepard,
Lake Okeechobee Fishing the bass fishing has been really good, with some big weight in on local tournaments on Lake. This is a good sign for the upcoming season.
The lake level is dropping and can make navigation tough so go fishing with some one that knows the lake before you go in your own boat. As the water goes down the fishing gets better and makes for some awesome numbers for bass fishing. There has been a few crappies being caught and that is some great news for the lake. The numbers of all native fish are doing great with some of the best fishing we have seen in a long time. I had the opportunity to talk with the lead biologist and learn that the reports show a huge rise in numbers of native fish which well it’s a good thing making the fishing awesome. I get to fish all over the country and have never seen a fishery like Okeechobee. We have had a lot of fun on the guide trips even on the windy days and the fronts. If you have not fished this lake this is a must see for it is one of the most amazing places to see and fish in the USA. Lake Okeechobee is heart of Florida and the Bass Fishing is just going to be phenomenal this year!I hope to see ya soon, Capt. Mark Shepard

Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
From Staff Writer BASSonline –Mark Shepard fish@lakeokeechobeeguide.com
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