Wow what a month of fishing on the big O (Lake Okeechobee) with huge numbers fish of all sizes some on the beds during the full moon phases, some schooling bass and cruising bass every were. This month started with my friend Allen of Hilton head, SC… he fished 6 days in a row and has fished with me for many years. Allen has been on many adventures with me and tells me often that Lake Okeechobee is the best he has ever seen it in the many years he has been fishing it. We averaged 50 to 100 plus fish a day on top water baits, crank baits, frogs and plastics of all kinds. We also were flipping and site fishing on days that permitted it. This years spawn was awesome, with all the new grass on the lake, it has kept the water very clear and you can see fish all over and of all kinds.

This month has made fishing fun for everybody of all ages and skill levels. We have used no live bait, 100% artificial lures on our guide trips. It has made for some good opportunities to teach the basics to many, while it has let others learn new techniques to add to there angling talent. I would like to thank the Alderman family Pete Scilla and friends Ed Romanoz and all the others for having the opportunity be part of there fishing adventures.

Good fishing and God bless,

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