67 Teams Fished, 11 Teams over 20 pounds with 5 fish.

A total of 257 Bass weighed in for a total of 815.51 Pounds

so the average bass weighed in was over 3.1 pounds.

First Place & Second Place Big Bass: Durand Locke & Ryan Kroeger of Clewiston, FL

Total Weight 26.58 lbs. 2nd Big Bass 7.54 lbs.

Second Place: Aymon Wilcox & Kevin Thomas of Ft. Lauderdale & Miami

Total Weight 26.36 lbs.

Third Place: Tony Bennett of Boca Raton, FL

Total Weight 24.67 lbs.

Fourth Place & First Place Big Bass: Andy Matusevich of Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Total Weight 23.94 lbs. & 1st Big Bass 9.94 lbs

Fifth Place & Sixth Place was a TIE: JP McKay & Paul Wormser

Mike & Matt Surman

Total Weight for each Team was 22.70 lbs.

Seventh Place: Skip Reed and Gary Dew

Total Weight 21.08 lbs

Eighth Place: Bryan Carter & Kenny Diggs

Total Weight 20.86 lbs

Ninth Place: Dustin & Ron Royer

Total Weight 20.78 lbs.

Tenth Place: John & Jimmy Burke

Total Weight 20.40 lbs.

Eleventh Place Jonathon Farmer & Joe Holland

Total Weight 20.29 lbs.


26 Teams Fished, 10 Teams over 20 pounds with 5 fish.

A Total of 128 Bass weighed in for a total of 449.24 lbs

so an average fished weighed in was 3.5 pounds.

First Place & Second Place Big Bass: Aymon Wilcox & Kevin Thomas

Total Weight 25.95 lbs 2nd Big Bass 7.82 lbs

Second Place: Matt & Chris Jerdan of Cape Coral, FL

Total Weight 25.11 lbs

Third Place: Durand Locke & Ron of Clewiston

Total Weight 23.93 lbs.

Fourth Place: Andy Matusevich

Total Weight 22.37 lbs

Fifth Place John & Jimmy Burke

Total Weight 21.54 lbs.

Sixth Place Bruce Carter & Terry Oliver of Okeechobee

Total Weight 21.17 lbs.

Seventh Place Roger Gonzalez & Steve McDonald of Miami

Total Weight 20.85 lbs.

Eighth Place Steve Connell & Dave Morningstar

Total Weight 20.82 lbs

Ninth Place Ronnie & Robin of Naples

Total Weight 20.12 lbs

Tenth Place Bob Campbell & Robert Power of Naples

Total Weight 20.00 lbs.


Two Days, 93 Teams, 385 bass, 21 limits over 20 Pounds !!!!


Don’t miss out, get to the lake and FISH

Thanks to everyone that showed up this weekend and we hope everyone had a great time.


Silver Division – MARCH 19th

Gold Division – MARCH 20th

Chris Fickey

Tournament Director

(941) 232-9539