July 1, 2009-Lake Okeechobee with Bryan Johnson from Flintville, Tennessee.

The spawning largemouth bass on Lake okeechobee has been and still is great this year. With the past years not being the best for the big bass on Okeechobee to spawn, they now seem to have the best options of spawning grounds in a long time.

This past week there was lot of bass on there beds still, today we saw some nice pairs and a lot of buck bass by themselfs. We were able to catch quite a bit of fish just site fishing today. It sure is nice to see all the wonderful stuff that has happen to the lake with a huge spawn and new grass it is awesome fishery once again. Water is up again, so it is much safer for the weekend fishermen. I think the water managers should hold the water level right here for the best long term results. With the lake continueing to raise, look for the bass to move back in the heavy cover and thicker grass.

There is also a lot of bluegills and shell crackers on the beds right now.

The future fishing on Okeechobee is going to be out of this world once again.

Thanks to all of you for letting us be a part of your adventure.

From Staff Writer Capt Mark Shepard (marks@bassonline.com )
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