Onboard August 19, with local Gerald Maier’s a resident of Orlando. The trip began by meeting Gerald his grandson Carson and longtime friend Jerry, at Big Toho Marina. We talked for a few minutes, loaded up and left the dock. Gerald had really booked the trip for his grandson Carson and he really wanted to see his grandson catch a big monster bass. Carson Streich is 11yrs old from Brownstown, Minnesota; he is staying with his grandparents on his annual 2 week vacation. Carson has been fishing with his father off docks since he was about 3yrs old and has never landed a monster bass. Feeling no pressure of what was expected of me on hot August day, we take off for boat ride. Our first stop we sat there about 5 minutes had 4 rods out with golden shiners and we missed a couple then Carson hooked up with about a 3 pounder. Gerald landed a small bass Jerry caught a gar. Then Carson’s bait runner is sounded like a fire truck coming down the road, he hooks this fish I knew he had a giant on. Carson worked it like a pro and end up catching this giant bass that weighed 8 pounds 3ozs, he was like a little kid in a candy store .That fish was 25 inches long, I can’t lie! I think we all were in the candy store. We took some pictures and let her go. It was a great job by Carson. I was very pleased with myself being summer time trophies are hard to come by. Then it gets better the very next shiner Carson puts out not 2 minutes later lands another8 pound bass this fish was 24 inchs long. At this part of day I’m just amazed and the Big Smile Carlson has on his face was priceless. His granddad was very proud & said Carson you can’t believe what you just did back to back 8 pounders, thank you! Capt. Kip thank you! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better it was awesome action & big fish trip. Gerald, Jerry & Carson we caught another 10 bass by 8 am, left for lunch and went in to Big Toho Marina on Lake Toho. Had some cheeseburgers, ice cold drinks and back we go. It was really hot summer day & the fishing slowed down a bunch. We decided to try one more area “The Honey Hole”. We stop on a point of grass threw out and landed 5 or 6 more bass before running out of live bait. We landed 16 or 17 bass up to 8 pounds, all on golden shiners and Carson had the 2 big fish. As Gerald was leaving he looked at and said “Mission Accomplished” Capt. Kip.

We are looking forward to fishing with you in the future.
Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
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