Larry Nelson from East Troy Wisconsin with his son and grandson

Hello this is Captain Dave Lauer,

Yesterday I took out Larry Nelson from East Troy Wisconsin with his son and grandson. We went fishing out in Clewiston on Lake Okeechobee. The day started out really strong with the first fish being five pounds, then we missed a few other good fish and lander a few more. Then it started to slow as the wind picked up and blow like crazy from the North which limited our fishing spots we could fish.

So I bounced around looking, catching a fish here and there, ended up coming back to where we started the morning. Immediately we started catching them again, what do you known…they reloaded!

Everyone ended up catching several nice fish with a five pounds ended up being our biggest fish. We also landed several fish over three pounds and a couple of giant mudfish.

Have a great day, Captain Dave!

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