Learning the Fundamentals of how to Fish with Artificial Lures with Capt Brett

Hi, this is Captain Brett Isackson with your daily fishing report for Bass Online today I worked in the Everglades.
I did a short (4) four-hour day with repeat customers of mine. We threw artificial baits, caught up to about (13) thirteen or (14) fourteen fish in a four-hour period. All between (2) two and (4) four pounds, everything was caught on artificial.

We spent basically the day learning the fundamentals of how to fish with artificial lures. This is the first time these guys have experienced it, usually they like to use live-bait and today they wanted to do all artificial. We caught everything on skinny dippers, to Die Dappers , wacky worm fishing to even throwing out a big monster worm.

Tight lines from Captain Brett Isackson..and this is your daily fishing report.