Captain Mark Shepard here with your May 16th, 2015 Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Out on the lake today with Dustin and Collin from Connecticut, these folks have fished with me in the past and we always have a good time. Fishing in Connecticut is not as good as Florida, they don’t have the chance to catch the same quality of fish. They absolutely love bass fishing! Today it was super windy, super rough…we did some live tackle the day before yesterday and today it worked out pretty good as well. They learned a lot of new techniques. Two days ago didn’t catch anything big but numbers were fair, today instead…numbers were really good and they said that it was the best fishing trip they had in their entire lives. Caught some really pretty fish even though it was rough and windy, we still capture a bunch of fish.

This was Captain Mark Shepard…tight lines everybody!