Mel is an avid fly fishermen from South Carolina

Hello Everybody, this is Tony Masiello down in the Southern region.

This is my Peacock bass report for today. Today I had the pleasure taking out a Mr. Mel Maurer from South Carolina. Things started off kinda little slow, it was cloudy and rainy. As the day when on the fishing picked up, it was primary a live-bait bite today. Mel is an avid fly fishermen and really wanted to catch a few fish on a fly. We really worked hard to get him a few fish on the fly, and it just wasn’t happening.
As the day went on the fish started to move up (go shallow), we notice them moving up and down, up and down. We ended up spotting a few fish that came up and Mel was able to put one of them in the boat on the fly.
It turned out to be a pretty good day, like I said it was primarily a live-bait bite and he saw able to get one on a fly. For the day he boated (20) twenty to (25) twenty-five fish for the day, it turned out to be a good day, a little better than I was expecting. It was really a nice day and he was a really, really nice guy. We got a long really good, it turned out to be…really a good day!

If you want to book a Peacock trip, call it in and book it. Come on down we will take you fishing.
Tight lines have a good day!