My name is Christian. My wife Michaela and me were spending our Honeymoon in Florida. As I’m a passionate angler in my home country Germany I was really looking forward to fish black bass in the famous lake Okeechobee. What I expected was simply excelled when my wife and I took the guided ¾-day tour with Dave Lauer. He’s a great fisherman and really a nice and funny pal. With his help I was able to deal with the bait caster after a short time. We had many attacks on our artificial lures and caught a lot of fish that day. Especially the top water attacks have been an unbelievable experience to me. I totally agree with Dave’s statement towards my wife while I was catching a nice 3-pounder: “Now you know why boys get addicted to this” Thank you Dave, for this great experience and for adding a generous extra time on the water where we also saw plenty of alligators taking a nap in the sun.

Hope to see you again soon,

Christian & Michaela