Ninety Fishing Caught in Florida Everglades with Captain Brett

Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson and this is your daily fishing report from the Everglades today.

I had out Bob and Eileen Brice for a (5) hour day, we were supposed to do a (4) four but we extended it an extra hour. We caught over (90) ninety bass today all on artificial luresĀ  back today on our special it works. Mostly on from, everything from Pop-s’s, to Zara Spooks to throwing rubber frogs, hollow body frogsĀ  the most productive bait today was a Bass Assassin Tapout rigged wacky worn style.

All of our fish caught today were between (2) two and (3) three pounds, but we caught over (90) ninety fish today. Great job done today by Bob and Eileen traveling from Chicago Illinois to experience the Florida Everglades fishing.

This is Capt Brett Isackson providing you your daily report, tight lines!