Fishing with Ninety One year old World War II Veteran

Had a very special day on Lake Okeechobee today.

I was fishing with Bob and his daughter Len. Bob is (91) ninety-one years old and a World War II Veteran and it was such an honor to be able to be part of their trip.

We didn’t catch a lot of big fish, but we did artificial fishing with lite tackle and had a lot of fun. Just a pretty good day all around and a good morning on Lake Okeechobee.

Captain Mark Shepard, tight lines!

About Lake Okeechobee:
The Seminole Indian name Okeechobee means “Big Water“. A proper name for the largest fresh water lake in the United States, occurring entirely in one state. The Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission states, “there is no place that can compare with Lake Okeechobee, not only for trophy bass, history and wildlife, but its size is amazing.”

The lake is about 37 miles long by 30 miles wide, totaling over 730 square miles with an average depth of only 10 feet. To fishermen nationwide, it’s renowned for the number of bass it has per acre. Lake Okeechobee also produces more bass over 7 pounds than any lake in Florida and the United States.