Today I had The privilege to fish with Capt. Matt Mitchell and long time friend and client and sponsor John Oatly. I have the privilege to fish with Matt in his fishing waters witch is the Gulf coast Fort Meyers area he is a great salt water guide and he gave us a first class trip. Matt has fished Florida for many years and has never had the chance to fish Okeechobee or ever catch a bass so it was a lot of to take him bass fishing for his first time and his fish was 4 and half lb and they caught alot of them and they got some bigger ones as we explored the grass beds and back water ponds. Matt sure enjoyed all The beautiful cover and fishing techniques.
It’s always special to see someone catch there first bass and the fish put on a great show.
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Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
From Staff Writer Capt. Mark Shepard ( / 888-829-BASS