Captain Mark Shepard here with your May 6th, 2015 Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Well folks, last three days I have been fishing with Ben, Tom and Trey from Maine. The day before yesterday they fished with me in Okeechobee as well, yesterday they went out with Bob Miley to catch some peacocks…folks had a great time! The first day of their trip was windy, tough conditions…caught some pretty good fish with live bait. Today was off the hook! It was not windy and the weather was perfect, we fished with live and artificial bait. We caught over 100 fish! Beautiful ones! Fabulous day after the cold front, the wait paid off great. Awesome numbers, awesome folks…such great people!┬áThey have been our customers for a long time. What a unique end for this 3-day adventure.

This is Captain Mark Shepard, tight lines everybody!