Jeannie & Bruce Barash from New York were vacationing in Orlando enjoying a local bass fishing adventure.
You just know some people are dentin to get blessed by the “all mighty fish gods,” no matter how odd or unbelievable the situation becomes the angler prevails.

Jeannie and Bruce are just that couple, while tossing a shiner out on a free line, we notice the second line crossed the first. The first line got a bite and the shiner on the second line wrapped around the first. “WOW, is that confusing or what.”
So, Bruce sets the hook on the second line, minutes later Jeannie start to reel a fish in on the first line. Bruce has contact with his fish and it’s fighting incredibility hard, mean while Jeannie fish is starting to take drag. Both at the same time, both fighting and pulling like it’s the biggest fish in the lake.
At almost identically times, both fish get near the boat. Bruce cranks his up close, we see the’s a nice 6+ pound bass. Jeannie is reeling with all her might to land her fish. As Bruce gets his fish in the net, we noticed that Jeannie’s “fish” fishing line is hooked on Bruce’s line.

So, awesome catch for Bruce and false alarm for Jeannie. But as Bruce later described, “for 40 seconds it was the catch of Jeannie life,”… as we all laughed together!
As the day progressed and the catching continued, several other big fish were caught by both Jeannie and Bruce to top off there day of fishing in Orlando. Pictures prove both of them caught trophy bass in November on Lake Toho outside of Orlando Florida.

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Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
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