April 11 on-board Gia from Montana, she is vacation in Florida, call regarding hiring a guide for Peacock Bass. Gio also informed us that she was not happy with recently experience with saltwater guide and needed her faith resorted in Florida. Knowing this Capt. Bob had to give Gia the best fishing excursion that Bass Online Pro-Team dedicated professional guides represent.

Captain Bob Miley had one happy group, they caught 12 peacocks, 4 largemouth bass up to 4 pounds, and the largest of 12 peacocks 4lb and Gia caught that peacock just when we ran out of 8 dozen shiners. She was happy, and thanks me for a great time on the water. Plus we caught some kind of weird exotic gold fish (Midas) that look like they were from another planet. Gia told me, about her experience, with a salt water guide, and she told me, there was no comparison on how I help them fish and the saltwater guide.

Gia, Thanks for calling us for this trip.
Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
From Staff Writer Capt.Bob Miley(fishing@bassonline.com)
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