What a good day on the water with with Shirley Carter and her husband Jessie from Hinsville, GA . The couple was out for two days, one peacock bass fishing and one out in the Everglades.
The peacock bass fishing was a very good day, Shirley and Jessie requested to fish with artificial lures only. Knowing these fish, I still suggested getting a few shiners just in case. We had a incredibly wet day ahead of us and I did not know how it may affect the peacock bass fishing. So, she agreed we pick up two dozen and off we went on our way to Lake Ida in hunt of the mighty peacock bass.

When we got there I really didn’t now what to expect, I was just hoping we could get in the day with such bad weather in the forecast. Lone be hold, the peacock bass were just where I thought they would be. As unpredictable as they are, they reacted just as I thought…maybe it’s me, just maybe I am starting to think like a peacock bass. Either-way it worked out really well, by the end of day we lost count on how many peacock we caught…but I know it was well over 30 all on artificial lures.

Till next time tight lines and good fishing….
From Staff Writer Capt Brett Isackson (bretti@bassonline.com)
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