Peacock Bass Summer Slam on Lake Osborne

Hey this Captain Dave Lauer calling in September 10th and we went to Lake Osborne again with my client Jeffrey White his son Jordan. I know it sounds like a repeat of every other time we’ve gone there.  But we went through (120) one hundred and twenty shiners today. While fishing Peacock bass, we caught a large-mouth up to about (4-1/2) four and half pounds. Several Peacock’s, I mean several Peacock bass over (3) three pounds and a few over (4) four pounds.

The action is good on Lake Osborne anytime you go through much bait you’re getting a lot of action. But the weather today was sunny and hot of course, but it was really windy which made the precision casting tough.

My crew did a great job, and we boated a lot of fish today.

This is Captain Dave Lauder, tight lines and talk to you later!