Well this is Captain Robert E. Miley leaving Lake Ida in the sunny South Florida on this wet Wednesday. Temperature 79 degrees and it drizzled all day. I had the opportunity to take Dan Mahoney, Trey and Tom fishing today and they had an awesome trip. We caught approximately 15 Peacock bass, probably could of caught more…we released a bunch. Our biggest one was 5 pounds, we were catching fish¬†between 3 and 5 pounds and released everything else. They had a nice day, it was an awesome trip. Lake Okeechobee was blowing too hard so they decided to come down and catch some fabulous Peacock bass, they are like Small-mouth on steroids. They couldn’t believe the way they fought, they are tough little dudes but they bite just as hard as any other fish. Peacocks are nice fish, fun to catch and if the weather would of been a little bit better we could of use artificial to catch them. We caught most of them on shiners today…they didn’t want to come up with lures. The water levels of the canal are high due to the rain and fish tend to spread and hide when this happens. Peacocks hunt for their food, they are just like the Small-mouth bass they don’t wait. Overall, they had an awesome trip.

Dan thanks for fishing with Bass Online…we hope to see you again!

Tight lines. Talk to you guys later, goodbye.