Phillip is back for another four days of peacock bass and largemouth bass fishing, we met up early in the morning hours for our new adventure and long drive to Miami. When we got to our location we launched the boat in the water, as we tied on our plugs for the day which consided of topwater and sub surface lures made by luckycraft.

The first fish of the day was caught by Phillip it was right around 3 pounds, it was a peacock bass. As we moved on in the day we went back to Phillip’s favorite spot and the bite was on. We caught over 15 fish in that one spot, all largemouth bass. By the end of the day we caught over 60 fish on artificial lures made by lucky craft. Phillip will be gone for the next two days with his girlfriend, he will be back for 3 more days starting Thursday.

If you are visiting South or Central Florida for work or vacation and want to experience the best bass fishing that there is to offer then please give us a call. We can be reached at (888) 629-BASS or email me…

Capt Brett