Sammy Destroyed by Florida Peacock Bass during Fight

Hi there, this is Captain Brett Isackson reporting your daily fishing report for Bass Online.

Today I spent the day down in Miami on a full day artificial day trip. We use a little Sammy’s and jerk-baits all day today. The best producing lure was the Sammy, we caught over (25) twenty-five peacocks on top-water.

Final outcome of my Sammy was destroyed, the hooks were ripped off it. “No more Sammy, so I gotta find a new Sammy out there but everything that we did today was caught on artificial lures, top-water baits fishing around the bridge pilings, under neat the bridges anywhere we could find structure with moving water coming around it we located our peacock bass.

Our biggest one today ended up being (3-1/2) three and a half to (4) four pounds, but we had steady action of blowups on the top-water lures today.

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