Hi everyone! This Captain Brian Brown with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report for March 28th.

Today we went out of Belle Glade, south end of the lake, on a six-hour trip. My guests were Israel Mendez group, along with Ricardo and RC. We took off out of there at 7 in the morning, they wanted to do some artificial and live bait fishing…but with the way the weather has changed in the last 24-hour period due to major storms that came through yesterday, live-bait was not the best option. The air dropped almost 40 degrees from the 80 degrees high we’ve been having, 40 degrees lows last night. I knew the water temperature was going to drop and fishing was going to be tough. We decided to get 3-dozen shiners, give that a try to see how they went and in case we ran out of them… just use artificial. It was just how I expected, I decided that we had to move, not so far…100 yards. We had north winds at least of 20-25 mph, it was hard to cast and set up was pretty difficult too. We caught some 3-4 pounds fish, we just needed to be patient and let the fish come to us. Once we settled down, we fished in the right spots. We got some bites and some opportunities, some days you just have to work with what the water gives you. With the water moving so much, it was definitely an artificial kind of day.

Call Bass Online and reserve your next fishing trip, we will have a good day even if it is rainning! Until then… tight lines everyone! This is captain Brian Brown, goodbye.