South Carolina Newlyweds on St Johns River Fishing

This Captain Steve with today’s fishing report. I guided Chad and Jamie newlyweds from South Carolina out on the St Johns River today.

It was the first day of a (3) three day fishing trip were going to be having. We’re gonna be going up to Rodman Reservoir tomorrow and then probably back down on Lake George on Thursday. And depending on the wind we get, which was awful windy today out on the St Johns River. We had to fish back up in the creeks and canals and stuff like that to get out of the wind.

We ended up with a nice pair, Chad caught a couple of nice fish a (4 1/2) four and a half and (5 1/2) five and a half pound and a couple others. The bite was pretty slow, even on shiners today they chase the bait around and just didn’t want to eat it. But, we still ended up with a couple pretty nice bass today. So were going to go out tomorrow to see what Rodman Reservoir holds in store for us. Hopefully we will catch that (7) seven pounder plus that we caught up there last week.

Till tomorrow evening, this is Captain Steve