Today experience was a really cool one, the weather was anything but cool with water temps at 89 degrees. The cool part was fishing with the Crocker brothers, Ben and Jon.
Jon lives in Massachusetts and Ben in Africa, both are doctors and oh I almost forgot to tell you, they are twins. Ben was on his way from Africa to a training class and called Jon to meet him in Miami for a few days of RNR.
Ben has fished in the Everglades before and really enjoyed it. Both brothers were good fishermen, as always it took them a few cast and bites to adjust to our fishing style. Unfortunately how many times has it happen, Ben’s first bite is his best opportunity at the biggest bass of his life. He had the fish on for a few minutes, then it gave him that traditional large-mouth bass wave as it shook loose and swam away. What a heart breaker, as everyone got to see the fish which was estimated to be in the 8lb class which only made things worse.

As all good anglers do, Ben had to just keep on casting in search of his next bite. His brother Jon on the other hand, proceeded to catch back to back a 4 and 5lb bass which for the moment made all of use forget about the monster that got away.

I would consister the fishing a little slower then I like to see it, with the day high and bright, blue bird all day, water temps at 89 and no wind. We welcomed the rain shower as we were pulled the boat out of the ramp.

Overall, the day was a success, as we had 2 fish estimated over 8lbs on and several in the 5lb class and only two fish caught less then 2 pounds each, did I mention we also got to solve all of the world issues at the same time!…. lol

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Good fishing,
Capt Todd Kersey
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Florida Peacock Bass
Florida Peacock Bass