Today once again, that’s right. Just here in May 2008 and back for more Mike Koziol all the way from Palos Park, IL. Mike and I had a great trip and swapped several stories last time he was here. I new he would be back, but never thought so soon.

With the water up in the Everglades most other guides services are complaining there not catching fish and believe me there not. So I really wanted Mike to have another great trip with Mike, I know the conversation would be good but I needed to locate quality bass to ensure our success.

Mike met me at 6:00am, actually his wife dropped him off, introduced herself and said, “you guys are crazy getting up this early.” Boy, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I would take everyone fishing for FREE…ha-ha.

As we headed out, I ask Mike if he was up for adventure and of coarse he yes…that’s all I needed to hear and we were off. After a nice ride and good conversation we got to the boat ramp put the boat in and away we went. A 10 minute ride out to the first location and we started fishing.

We started with top-water of coarse and it wasn’t long at all before Mike was hooked up on a bass. Mike’s first fish weight-in around 4 lbs, it was a great way to start the morning. As the day progressed to bright blue bird skies, Mike wanted to say with topwater despite what I said. I tried several other lures with some success, but Mike stayed with top-water continuing to get strikes. As the day became brighter the fish were starting to short strike his lure, but “die hard Mike” stay with it and I am glad he did.

Midway through the afternoon, cloud cover started to appear. The cloudier it got the better the bite became. With the storms approaching we decided to get close to the boat ramp for a quick exit if needed and what a great choice it was. The rain came from all side, but only provided sprinkles at best for us. As you can imagine the fishing only got better with the cool air and added winds.

Mike ended the day with a 5 and 6 lb largemouth bass back to back, on topwater of coarse. In bass fishing, every day is a new day and on this day presidency paid off!

I had a another outstanding day with Mike, we fished hard and worked for every bite but it was worth it in the end.

I can’t wait till next time…thanks again Mike for another great day.

Tight Lines,
Capt Todd
Florida Peacock Bass