South Florida Fishing Report

Hey everybody, this is Captain Tony Masiello down in South Florida with a South Florida fishing report for the pass two days.
The past two days a had the pleasure of spending with one of my long time repeat clients Dan McFall and his girlfriend Sarah. We started off  at the Snapper Creek area, the fishing was really good. We were fishing for peacock bass, we fished for an (8) eight-hour day and caught well over (30) thirty fish. Most of the fish were caught on artificial and live-bait.

Now today was a different story,  we went to a different area one of our most southern fisheries. The day started off very exciting with a top-water bite, for a good (3) three hours of the day. The peacock bass were blowing up on a tiny torpedo, it was very exciting.  Later on in the day, the fish kinda slow down on the top-water bite, so we switched over to live-bait and the fishing picked up once again.

All in all for the pass two days, they caught well over (70) seventy fish made for a very exciting fishing trip. So if you want to book a trip, come on down…fishing good!

Tight lines and good fishing Captain Tony.