WOW…is the first words that come to mind when describing this trip, I think the picture puts it all in perspective!

Dave Harmond from Palm Beach had family in from England for the pass two weeks and have been Florida fishing with very little success. Dave got referred to us and called wanting to get the family out “catching” fish, as they were leaving town the following day.

Dave brought his father, brother-in-law and his two kids out on two of our boats for a super-half (6 hours) day of fishing. I explain to Dave about the fishing conditions and what was going to be needed, he then explained to me that his dad and brother-in-law were avid fishermen, but the rest of the family had never fished at all.

With that in mind I decided to take the kids and brother-in-law, while Capt Tony took Dave and his father. The day started out right on time and quite well for Tony and his crew with about 10 fish in the boat with in the first hour are so. Mean while I realized it was not going to be as easy with my crew, giving credit to those guys they were much more experienced and the technique we were using was a little difficult for beginners to pickup on right away. But as I have away said, this is what being a excellent fishing guide is really all about, so I continued to support them as I nodded my head and laughed as another fish got away.

I then decided to yelled out, let the challenge begin. They replied, what are talking about? A friendly competition among us, as I explained and the youngest that had never caught a fish in his life, but is very active in Football (Soccer in England) said okay. The game worked, there competitive spirit seem to take over and at the same time take the focus away from needing to catch a fish, to wanting too.

I think sometimes we can just simply try to hard and goof things all up. It seem like just minutes passed by and they started catching bass, one by one, we worked together. Wouldn’t know it, that Trever the youngest, would catch the most bass and anchors his 10 bass with a 7lb large-mouth bass, the biggest fish of his life and the day.

When it was all said and done, both boats boated over 50 bass a combination of largemouth and peacock bass and again I thing the picture is worth a thousand words.

If you are visiting South or Central Florida for work, vacation or bachelor party and want to experience the best bass fishing that there is to offer then please give us a call. No groups to big or small!

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