Ken Coon, who just got back from serving over seas. Finally got the chance to do some bass fishing in Florida. Even though this fishing trip was long over due, better late than never! I am just glad that I had the opportunity to meet Ken, and put him on some fish!  Ken caught some […]

What a great day for a Father and Son fishing trip! Brad McWilliams, and his son John, fished a full day on Lake Okeechobee.  The Father and Son duo caught plenty of fish and even received a visit from momma bird.  We were several miles away from one of my regular spots, and mamma bird […]

Another amazing day on Lake Okeechobee with Marshall Whaling and his two sons, Tom and Patrick.  Despite the ugly weather, the fishing on Lake Okeechobee was still great! The Whaling boys did a great job fishing and caught some nice size hawgs!  Great folks and great fishing, couldn’t ask for a better morning! Till next time tight lines and good fishing…. From […]

Rusty and friend Dave, fished on St. Johns River in Astor, FL.   Rusty and Dave, fished a super half day which is a six hour fishing trip.  While out on St. Johns River they where hunting for bass. Their fishing trip was very successful, they caught around 20 largemouths! Dave caught the largest of the day weighing in at just under […]

What an amazing day for fishing!  Mike, and his friend Mike, fished a full eight-hour day out on Lake Okeechobee.  Both Mike’s caught some really nice size largemouth.  Mike is one of my repeat customers who I have a great time fishing with.  He is a good fishermen and great company to have.  It was […]

Myron and Jason had a great time during their three day fishing adventure.  They fished on St. Johns River which is located around the Daytona area.  This picture is of one of the doubles they caught while on St. Johns River. They caught over 30 bass the first day, and around 12 bass the second day all on wild shiners. […]

Despite the heavy winds today, Katie and Matt did a great job fishing Lake Okeechobee. They are great folks from Wisconsin, and we had a fun adventure on the Big O. I enjoyed taking them out and putting them on the fish. Hope to see you guys next year! Till next time tight lines and […]

*Customer Comments* Thanks again for a wonderful afternoon! We had a great time as always and look forward to seeing you again soon. If it seems like the fishing is getting good for the lunkers, let us know and we will try to come down. We really enjoyed your book. It was a fun read […]

Steve and Mike fished Lake Okeechobee. Once again the Big O did not disappoint. Mike and Steve where especially proud of the 8 lb large mouth they caught. Good Fishing guys! Till next time tight lines and good fishing…. From Staff Writer Capt. Roger G. ( Bass / 888-829-BASS

Janis and Gary went fishing on Lake Okeechobee. They had a great time catching large-mouth bass out on the Big O. Great job guys! Till next time tight lines and good fishing…. From Staff Writer Capt. Glenn Browne ( Bass / 888-829-BASS *Customer Comment* Thanks!! Great trip and great guide.–Janis and Gary Grover