Fished Florida Everglades Today Hello everyone, this is Captain Roger calling in another fishing report. I had the pleasure to fish with Mr. Chuck from Wisconsin,  we fish a four-day in the Florida Everglades today. We went out and for the first few hours it was a little slow and then pickup up pretty good. […]

Everglades Fishing with VJ – Juan from Bogota Colombia Hello Everybody. this is Tony with Best Online. This is my freshwater fishing report for the Florida Everglades for the pass (2) two days. I had the pleasure spending time with VJ and Juan from Bogota, Colombia. The fishing was awesome, we sent all our time […]

Learning the Fundamentals of how to Fish with Artificial Lures with Capt Brett Hi, this is Captain Brett Isackson with your daily fishing report for Bass Online today I worked in the Everglades. I did a short (4) four-hour day with repeat customers of mine. We threw artificial baits, caught up to about (13) thirteen […]

Today I had long time repeat customers Steve Rhodes and his best fishing buddy Joe out in the Florida Everglades at the end of March. Steve is a resident of Boca Raton, Fl and has been going out with me for a few years now. This time out Steve wanted to break his own personal […]