Hey there! This is Captain Brett Isackson reporting from Lake Okeechobee. Today I had Alicia and Jim from Virginia. Big O first timers! They have never been fishing anywhere else before. We caught over 40 fish on live bait, between 4-5 pounds. It was a great afternoon trip, beautiful weather in the beautiful South Florida. […]

Larry Nelson from East Troy Wisconsin with his son and grandson Hello this is Captain Dave Lauer, Yesterday I took out Larry Nelson from East Troy Wisconsin with his son and grandson. We went fishing out in Clewiston on Lake Okeechobee. The day started out really strong with the first fish being five pounds, then […]

Hey, this is Capt Brett with yet another Lake Okeechobee fishing report. I was out on World famous Lake Okeechobee with Rod Squire from Ontario Canada. We throw artificial lures all day, his biggest fish for the day was a bass weighting (6lbs – 2oz) six pounds two ounces. We landed about (15) fifteen largemouth […]

Hi, this is Captain Brett Isackson with another South Florida fishing report. I posted early in the week on fishing with Paul and Robbie Cruvellier, where Paul caught a 9lb 9oz Okeechobee trophy. For the last five days majority of the time we fish up on Lake Okeechobee other than one day we did spend in […]

Primarily Fished the North End of Lake Okeechobee Hello, this is Captain Jason Young with yet another Lake Okeechobee fishing report Today I fished with Dan from South Dakota, what a great guy. We primarily fished the north end of Lake Okeechobee and spent most of the day fishing using wild shiners to target the […]

This is Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Well folks over the last 2 days the weather has been amazingly bad. I just finished up two days with Charlie Reid and his son Mark. We had 30+ mph winds on the first day, just unbelievable and really happy I had Charlie and […]

Fish were Fearless and so were my Guys from PA Hey there, it’s Captain Brett Isackson reporting from Lake Okeechobee today. My trip today was with Tim, Bill and Steve from Pennsylvania. We fished today with primary wild shiners, using up (5) five dozen. We boated approximately (45) forty-five to (50) fifty bass today, that’s […]

Keep up with the Stock Market or Catch Fish? Why not both… Hi, this is Captain Doug Jansen reporting from Lake Okeechobee. Today, we had cloudy skies and about 80 degrees outside with low winds and really good day to be on the water. My guest today was Gary Post originally from New Jersey, this […]

Captain Doug Jansen Reporting for Lake Okeechobee Hello its Captain Doug Jansen reporting for lake Okeechobee We went out of the Southeast corner of Lake Okeechobee in Belle glade Florida today. I had the pleasure of fishing with a couple of Canadians today, Raymond Chappuis and Geilles Taillefer which are friends. We fished today with […]

Ultra-light Equipment Fishing with Bass Assassin Tapout Hello its Captain Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee Fishing report. Always a great time on the water with Mark and his father Paul.  Paul’s from up there in New York and just a hoot to be with, these guys are so funny and its just a good […]