Orlando 9-1/2, 8, 7-1/2 Several that were 4 to 5 pounds Hi this is Captain John Leech, I was out with David and Dwyane today. I’m going to put one of them on, because we had just a great day and they can explain it better than I! Hi, this David, Dwyane and I came […]

Phil Powers out Fishing with Capt John Leech I this is Captain John Leech, Just had Phil Powers out fishing, he got a real nice fish it was just over 7 pounds. I’m going to put him on the phone, “Hey, I had a great time fishing with Captain, John Leech we went to a […]

Captain Steve Lake Toho Fishing Report This is Captain Steve it is August 25th fishing report on Lake Toho. I guided Andreas and his father from Switzerland on Lake Toho. We artificial fished and shiner fished, dragging shiners behind the boat while casting artificial lures. Glad to say, B Anderson caught his first bass ever […]

Quick Report on Lake Toho Hi, this is Captain John Leech, just giving you were quick report on Lake Toho for the day. We caught quite a few fish today, big fish was only about (5-1/2) five and half pounds but she was pretty.  The fish seem to be out on the open water hydrilla […]

We fished February 8, with Mike Power from Darden Restaurants, Inc in Orlando, Florida. This was there first experience at fishing the big Lake Toho and by the pictures a very good one. It started off a great work week for them, Mike caught a 9lb and 9.5lb not a bad for a Monday morning. […]

Jeannie & Bruce Barash from New York were vacationing in Orlando enjoying a local bass fishing adventure. You just know some people are dentin to get blessed by the “all mighty fish gods,” no matter how odd or unbelievable the situation becomes the angler prevails. Jeannie and Bruce are just that couple, while tossing a […]

Sunday Oct 25, 2009 Ronda and Ed McCoy from Wichita, Kansas came on-board for a bass fishing excursion of a life time. The McCoy’s just wanted to catch one fish and if it weighed 10 pounds they would be satisfied. That’s a request we get a lot, unfortunately the fish don’t always agree with us! […]

Matthew Becks was wondering around Bass Pro Shop with his wife on their customer appreciation rewards night when his wife hit the jack pot by winning the free guided fishing trip that was given away. Yes, Mathew’s wife Colleen Beck won the freshwater bass fishing trip given by Bass Pro for Customers Appreciation rewards night. […]

I was fortunate to be able to fish with Captain John Leech this past Monday. My niece and her husband won a trip while in Orlando visiting Bass Pro Shops during the preferred rewards customer appreciation night. They both knew how much I love to fish, so they invited me to go on the guided […]

Orlando 67 Days of Smiles – Stacey and Kyle are a couple life long friends and are now friends of ours. Originally from Michigan now residing in New York, they enter a promotional contest offer by Orlando and won the whole thing! As winners of the Orlando 67 Days of Smiles contest Stacey and Kyle […]