Hello this is Captain Robert E. Miley and I am just leaving Airport Lakes* – Miami…Blue Lagoon. It is 92 degrees outside, the wind is blowing. We had an awesome day in the water…peacocks are definitely biting. If you would like to come down to florida and catch one…Miami is where they are at! We caught […]

Good afternoon this is Captain Robert E. Miley just leaving the Aero Jet Canal. I had the pleasure of fishing with Larry and Kim Sparks from Texas. They have a machine repair shop over there. They came to South Florida and they are staying in Key Largo Camp Ground. They decide to give Aero Jet […]

This is Captain Robert E. Miley with your May 9th, 2015 Airport Lakes – Miami fishing report. Today I had a 6-hour trip, fishing was slow for almost three hours. No wind the first couple of hours and then it started to blow and fish started to bite. The Mike Bansi family caught 3  4-pounds Large-mouth […]

Captain Mark Shepard here with your May 6th, 2015 Lake Okeechobee fishing report. Well folks, last three days I have been fishing with Ben, Tom and Trey from Maine. The day before yesterday they fished with me in Okeechobee as well, yesterday they went out with Bob Miley to catch some peacocks…folks had a great […]

Well this is Captain Robert E. Miley leaving Lake Ida in the sunny South Florida on this wet Wednesday. Temperature 79 degrees and it drizzled all day. I had the opportunity to take Dan Mahoney, Trey and Tom fishing today and they had an awesome trip. We caught approximately 15 Peacock bass, probably could of […]

Hello, this is Captain Robert E. Miley from sunny South Florida…just coming back from Lake Okeechobee. I fished with Robert Degain and his friends from Fort Myers today at Belle Glade, south-end of the lake. Our biggest fish was 5 pounds…we caught 12 3-pounders. Nothing big today, days like this happen once in a while. […]

Bass Rewards FREE Trip from Dania Bass Pro Shops with Capt. Robert Hello this is Captain Robert E. Miley. I fished with John Lefferts, who was the winner of the Bass Rewards FREE Trip from Dania Bass Pro Shops. I took him fishing today and we had an awesome day today, we caught (20) twenty […]

Peacock Bass Trip to Blue Lagoon Hello this is Captain Robert Miley, I finished today with the Chris Gentle from North Carolina on August 30th it was a Peacock bass trip to Blue Lagoon. Chris had an awesome day, we caught over (20) twenty Peacock bass up to (5-1/2lbs) five and a half pounds. He […]

Bass Pro Shops Miami Peacock Bass Fishing Trip Hello, this is Captain Robert Miley I am reporting on a Peacock bass fishing trip from Antonio Maceo Park today. Today I took out the Bass Pro Shops Superintendent Manager in NC, we  had a rainy day, cloudy but a really good one if you figure in […]

Greg and Sarah went fishing in the Florida Everglades with Capt Bob Miley. They had an amazing day and caught some nice Hawgs out there in the Everglades. Great Job Greg and Sarah! Till next time tight lines and good fishing…. From Staff Writer Capt Bob Miley (fishing@bassonline.com) BassOnline.com / 888-629-BASS