Hi folks! Captain Mark Shepard here with your May 22nd, 2015 Lake Okeechobee – Clewiston fishing report. My favorite client Dennis Daniels was my guest today. We had a 5-day trip, he did 3 with me and 2 with Dave Lauer. We caught large-mouth and then he went after some peacocks with Dave at Lake Ida. […]

Hey this is Captain Dave Lauer with your May 7th fishing report. Fished out of Belle Glade (South end of Lake Okeechobee) today with Joe, he comes all the way from Arkansas. He is on vacations down here…staying in Delray Beach for a few days. Joe is from Bull Shoals Lake and used to fish […]

Hi everybody this is Captain Dave Lauer calling in from…you guessed it! Belle Glade, FL! South east corner of the lake. Mostly cloudy all day and believe it or not even though we are at the end of April it has been windy lately, blowing towards the north west…we had a cold front today.  It […]

This is Captain Dave Lauer with your Lake Ida fishing report for April 15th, 2015. Today I had my best clients out of Delray Beach Florida, Jeff White and his friend David. These guys are the biggest fish enthusiasts I have ever met and when they get in the water you realize how patient they are. […]

Hey everybody this is Captain Dave Lauer calling from Belle Glade fish camp, Lake Okeechobee with your April 14th fishing report. Today I had Jimmy Johns on my boat, a customer from Washington D.C area, and his brother-in-law Terry who lives in Boston. Came down to Okeechobee, they wanted to fish here in particular. Okeechobee is such […]

Hi everybody! My name is Alejandra Bejarano and I am part of the Bass Online team. Yesterday, April 11th, 2015 I had the pleasure of being out on Lake Okeechobee with Captain Todd Kersey, Dave Lauer, Mark Shepard and Larry Crossman. I had a 7 am fishing trip meeting with my guide Captain Todd Kersey […]

Hey! This is Captain Dave Lauer calling in after a long and good day at Lake Okeechobee. Fishing out of Belle Glade this morning. I had a family from south of Albany, New York. Rick, his wife Chris, father-in-law and son were my guests today. I could not ask for a better trip, the fish […]

Hi this is Captain Dave Lauer and this is your Thursday 15th, 2015 fishing report. Reporting from Lake Okeechobee South East corner – Belle Glades, the bites still on! I have friends in town from the North West part of the country; they flew all the way down from the state of Washington. Brandon came […]

Hey everybody, this captain Dave Lauer! Today, January 13th, I am calling from Slims Fish Camp. I went  out with my buddies Jeff White and his son Jordan. We went out from Pelican Bay, caught a couple of decent ones in the 5-pound range. There is a lot of fish, they are definitely biting. We went out […]

Perfect present for the Holidays, take your MAN Fishing Hey everyone, it Captain Dave Lauer calling in today with another is fishing report this time from Lake Osborne. I had the pleasure of fishing with Kip and Mary from Boynton Beach Florida. It’s always great to find out where everyone is from, we know it’s […]