Date: 05/19/2015 Lake: Ida Location: Delray Beach – Florida Captain: Doug Jansen Customers experience: Good morning this is John Bria from Connecticut…I fished with Captain Doug Jansen this morning. We went out on Lake Ida today and I caught my first “Peacock”. Caught a bass five minutes into the fishing trip and had a blast […]

Hi everybody this is Captain Dave Lauer calling in for Monday 12th, 2015 fishing report. We went out of Slims Fish Camp – Belle Glade, southeast shore of the lake. Yesterday and today we had incredible days at Lake Okeechobee with the Provost family. Yesterday we went through 7-dozen shiners and today we started off […]

Good afternoon, this is Captain Doug Jansen reporting from Palm Beach County – Lake Ida. Today we had a group trip myself and captain Tony Masiello. We took out some good old friends of mine from Louisville, Kentucky. They came down for a few days to get away from business and take a little break…they […]

This is Captain Doug Jansen reporting April 22nd from Lake Ida in Palm Beach County. Today was a group trip, we went out in 2 boats…myself and Captain Bob Miley. The title that summarized this trip was Help! I have fallen and I cannot get up. The person who booked the trip was Merrill Eastman, he […]

This is Captain Doug Jansen reporting Wednesday 8th from Palm Bach County, Lake Ida. My guests today were Mike Kosinski, his daughter Claudia and her long-time friend Emily from Michigan state. They are here in the sunny state of Florida for spring break, per usual. Today’s forecast was about 82 degrees in the morning, it […]

Hi everyone! This is Captain Doug Jansen with your April 3rd, 2015 Lake Okeechobee fishing report. I went out of Clewiston today, south end of Lake Okeechobee. My guests were Paul Day and his son Wilson from Michigan. They are down here in Florida on vacation, spending their spring break with the family. His wife and […]

This is captain Doug Jansen! It is March 25th, reporting from Palm Beach County…Lake Ida today! My guests were Roger and Diana Walker, they are visiting from Akron, Ohio. I think they made the right choice selecting Florida as their destination to spend the winter. Normally they fish from the beach or pier, according to their fishing report, so […]

This is captain Doug Jansen on January 17th. Reporting from Clewiston-Lake Okeechobee, Florida. My guests today were Kim Swiatek and his son in law,  Tom from Chicago – Illinois. They are down here vacationing, trying to get away from the cold weather. They are enjoying some of our beautiful sunshine here in South Florida! We fished the […]

Hi this is Captain Doug Jansen and today is  Friday, January 16th. Reporting from Lake Ida in Palm Beach County, Florida secret little gem! Today my guest was Kenny Ganz; he is originally from New Jersey. He usually goes salt water and trout fishing. We went out on a Peacock trip; he wants to come […]

Captain Doug Jansen reporting from Lake Okeechobee January 15th. We went out from Lake Okeechobee today; pretty much most of the day was sunny with a front moving in. My guests today were Doug Pugh and his buddy Scott from Alabama. They came down south to spend a couple of days at the lake in […]