Hi this is Captain John Leech, with your Lake Toho – Orlando May 4th, 2015 fishing report. I took Brian and Sara out to go fishing this morning. She got a big fish! Sara: We went out on the water this morning and I caught a 7 lb 6 oz Large-mouth bass, which is way […]

Hi this is Captain John Leech and this fishing report is for the week I spent in Lake Toho – Orlando. I had a bunch different customers all week long, everyday. We caught a heck of a lot of fish, it was a show! We caught a couple of 7 pounders, one over 8 pounds and […]

Hi this is Captain John Leech with your March 4th, 2015 fishing report. I had Wil Kui and his son Brandon out in the lake today! It was a great morning; we caught 4 bass over 5 pounds and an 8-pounder ! Caught them all in shiners, I recommend to use live bait in Lake Toho. That’s […]

Hello this is Captain John Leech with your April 3rd, 2015 Lake Toho fishing report. I was out on the water today with Joel Carlson and his family. His two boys, who are 12 and 9 years old, were very excited about their fishing adventure! We had a great time, beautiful weather. It was sunny, probably […]

Hi! This is Captain John Leech with March 24th, 2015 fishing report. I took Ron Hayes, his son-in-law and Chad out fishing down in Lake Kissimmee. Beautiful weather 77 degrees with a nice breeze. Customer: This is Chad, we fished with Captain Leech for 4 days so far. We caught over 200 bass, big fish! Eight pounders […]

Yeah. Hi, this is Captain John Leech, Went out fishing today with my buddy Jim Sweatman and his friend Ray Peters out this morning. We had a great morning landing (91) ninety-one bass. Caught then all on different things, it was just one of those days. The best lure at the end of the day […]

Hi and good morning from Captain John Leech, Out on the Lake Toho today with TJ. First thing in the morning the fish were schooling again, made for some great fishing and very rapid action for the first few hours. We ended up doing quite well using top-water for the first hour or so and […]

Hi this is Captain John Leech with another Lake Toho fishing report, Today I took Mike Roderick and his three teenagers out on Lake Toho for an afternoon trip. Were they ever so happy they took the one girl along with them, what a bounce it ended up being. Look at the picture you will […]

Hi this is Captain John Leech another Central Florida fishing report. I went out fishing this morning with a long time buddy of mine, mainly just for fun but also to look for some more fish. This time of the year it is very important, as the fish are moving pretty rapidly with the wind […]

Visiting Orlando and Thinking of Going Fishing? Hi, this is Captain John Leech with another Orlando bass fishing report. Had out Gary Carpenter today, he comes all the way over from the Ft Myers area. So instead of me telling you about our day on the water, I am going to put Gary on the […]