Orlando Florida Fishing Report Hi this is Captain John Leech with another Central Florida fishing report, Today I had out Kevin Brueseke this morning and we absolutely caught them again. Unfortunately we lost our two biggest fish today, this happens. We had one trophy size bass about (8 lbs) eight pounds come up to the […]

Fishing is still red hot in Kissimmee Hi, this is Captain John Leech and this is your fishing report for October 9th. Fishing is still red-hot in Kissimmee. I took Gary Carpenter who’s a buddy of mine from down in the Ft Myer area. Comes up fishing with me on a regular basis, carried him […]

Absolutely Sacked them Today! Hi there, this is Captain John Leech and this is your Central Florida fishing report. Had out John Copeland and his dad Nathan out today. So, I’m just gonna put them on and let them tell you what we’ve done today! Hello, we had an awesome time we absolutely sacked them […]

Caught about (40) Forty Fish in Six Hours in Orlando Hi, this is Captain John Leech We had a great trip again today and I just wanted to give you a little update of the current fishing conditions. The fish today were caught on buzz-baits first thing in the morning and on a Bass Assassin […]

Orlando 9-1/2, 8, 7-1/2 Several that were 4 to 5 pounds Hi this is Captain John Leech, I was out with David and Dwyane today. I’m going to put one of them on, because we had just a great day and they can explain it better than I! Hi, this David, Dwyane and I came […]

We Caught more Bass then we could Shake a Stick at! Hey this is Captain John Leech, we’re out with Ron Hayes today. Going to put him on the phone so he can let you know how we did, because we CAUGHT THEM! “Hi, this is Ron Hayes from Ohio, this is the second time […]

Three Boat Trip on Harris Chain of Lakes This is Captain Steve with today fishing report. We had a three boat trip on Harris Chain of Lakes, I guided along with Capt John and Capt Mike we all carried (3) three anglers each. On my boat was George, Dan and Matt, we fished wild shiners […]

Roberto Roman from Puerto Rico out on the Lake Hi, this is Captain John Leech. I just had Roberto Roman, from Puerto Rico out on the lake and we got a bunch of fish today. I would say, give or take (20) twenty to (25) twenty-five fish. They caught all the fish using a Carolina […]

Lake Toho Carolina Rigs and on Texas Rig this Morning Hi, this is Captain John Leech with your Orlando Fishing Report. Went out for a little fun morning, this morning and found up about (30) thirty fish plus, big fish was about (5 lbs) five to (5 1/4 lbs) five-quarter. And caught them all on […]

Phil Powers out Fishing with Capt John Leech I this is Captain John Leech, Just had Phil Powers out fishing, he got a real nice fish it was just over 7 pounds. I’m going to put him on the phone, “Hey, I had a great time fishing with Captain, John Leech we went to a […]