Florida Everglades Largemouth Bass Fishing #1 Hello, Captain Roger calling for another Florida Everglades largemouth bass fishing report. Today fishing is David Atwood from Indiana. We have had plenty of rain but managed to catch numbers on largemouth bass. The biggest about (6’lbs) six pounds, using both live-bait and artificial. We used a combination of […]

Venezuela South America to Miami Florida Hey, hello this is Captain Roger calling another great peacock bass fishing report. This past Saturday I had these guy Rolando and Renato from Venezuela South America. They were thinking of fishing Lake Okeechobee, but based on a large tournament that was going out of the same location we […]

Fished Florida Everglades Today Hello everyone, this is Captain Roger calling in another fishing report. I had the pleasure to fish with Mr. Chuck from Wisconsin,  we fish a four-day in the Florida Everglades today. We went out and for the first few hours it was a little slow and then pickup up pretty good. […]

Cincinnati Reds Baseball Fan Hey, good afternoon everybody this is Captain Roger calling in for another fishing report today. Today on Columbus day I had the pleasure of fishing with Mr. Nathan Sernoffshy. Mr. Nathan is from Ohio and a big Cincinnati Reds baseball fan which is one of my favorite teams. Today we went […]

Biggest Fish I have Ever Seen in the Everglades in my Life Hey, good afternoon everyone this is Captain Roger, calling in another fishing report. Today I have a pleasure to fish with Mr. Eddie and Mr Jose, Mr. Jose is from Puerto Rico and we went out to the Everglades. The day started pretty […]

Alex Adams from Georgia retired Marine Corps Hey, good afternoon this is Captain Roger calling in for another fishing report of today’s date. Today, I had a pleasure to have Mr. Alex Adams from Georgia. Mr Alex is retired from the Marine Corps. Today we went to the Blue Lagoon / Airport Lake to fish […]

Peacock Bass Fishing Two Days with Keith and Steven Schwab from Louisiana Hey, good afternoon ladies and gentleman. This is Captain Roger calling back for another fishing report for Bass Online! Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Keith Schwab and his son Steven on September 12th and 13th. We had a couple of great […]

Miami Blue Lagoon or the Airport Lakes for Peacock Bass Good afternoon guys, this is Captain Roger calling in another Florida fishing report. My report is for two days of fishing with Mr. David Thurber and his wife Mrs June. Mr. David and Mrs June are from Massachusetts. They spent a couple of days with […]

New Jersey Marine Officer Fishing Peacock Bass Hey Good Afternoon guys, today’s Tuesday the 9th of September. I’m calling to give you heads up what happened today on the water. I got Mr. Louis Rodriguez today with me,  Mr. Louis is from New Jersey he’s a Marine Officer from for the Army Forces of the […]

Kyle and I had a blast fishing with Captain Roger again.  6 1/2 pounder of Kyle’s was the biggest of over 40 on the big O. Peacocks in the Miami canals were the highlight for me. Love the fight they put on.  Thanks for a great time. Thanks! Mike Crescini