Ending summer vacation with a tight line! Mike Crescini took his boys on a 2 day bass fishing excursion before they had to return to school. They fished Lake Toho with Capt. Tim Fey for two, six hour fishing trips. The boys did a great job! They caught a lot of bass and some really […]

Folks we have been having a blast on West Lake Toho! Doing our trips out here clients have been having fun catching some quality bass and some good numbers as well. Live wild shiners of course are always a good bet to catch the bass out here year round, but never forget about the fun […]

Mike Crescini fished a full day out on Lake Toho. We used live bait to catch these largemouths. Great Job guys! See ya again next year. Till next time tight lines and good fishing…. From Staff Writer Capt. Tim Fey (fishing@bassonline.com) BassOnline.com / 888-829-BASS

Billie and Paul came down from New York to avoid the bad storm, and to have some fun in the sun in the Great Bass Fishing Capital of the World. We had a total blast on Lake Toho, catching some good quality bass and as always I get to make new friends. Wild shiners were […]

We had a great time on the water with the Wartman family Bass fishing on Lake Toho. The King of the day was young Carter, who showed he knew how to bass fish!! This young man not only could cast perfectly to areas, but showed everyone he knew how to work the big gal to […]

Capt. Tim Fey reporting for Central Florida area. We have had allot of rain, creating moving water and the bass are on the move. Jack and I were out on East Lake Toho this morning scouting and checking out the flow and how it was going to affect the bass out here. Very strong flow […]

Bass fishing out on Lake Toho has been doing great for us. The last few trips saw Gerry and his son Devin out on the water with, boating about 25 bass and having a blast. Wild shiners and cooler weather has seen the bass feeding better and pulling harder. Special thanks to Gerry, who got […]

Capt Kip and Tim Fey onboard for Saturday late afternoon Fishing Excursion with Walkers bass fishing with wild shiners. Great afternoon trip on Lake Toho with Walker family. Till next time tight lines and good fishing…. From Staff Writer Capt. Kip Grunloh & Capt. Tim Fey (fishing@bassonline.com) BassOnline.com/ 888-829-BASS

Bass fishing on Lake Jackson has been off the hook folks! Eric and Russ came with me for their second day of bass fishing and Lake Jackson showed them why Florida is the Bass Fishing Capital of the World! Live wild shiners produced not only numbers but some good size as well. Once the live […]

I had the great pleasure of having the Place Family out on the boat to do some bass fishing out on Lake Jackson, and folks let me tell you what, we had a blast! Not only did everyone catch some good numbers of bass, but quality bass as well. The best part was, they normally […]